An optimized Load Balancing Technique for Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing

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Deepak Mahawar, Dr. Vishal Shrivastava


Cloud computing (CC) is a service that uses subscription storage & computing power. Load balancing in distributed systems is one of the most critical pieces. CC has been a very interesting and important area of research because CC is one of the best systems that stores data with reduced costs and can be viewed over the internet at all times. Load balance facilitates maintaining high user retention & resource utilization by ensuring that each computing resource is correctly and properly distributed. This paper describes cloud-based load balancing systems. CC is virtualization of hardware like storage, computing, and security by virtual machines (VM). The live relocation of these machines provides many advantages, including high availability, hardware repair, fault tolerance, or workload balancing. In addition to various VM migration facilities, during the migration process, it is subject to significant security risks which the industry hesitates to accept. In this paper we have discussed CC besides this we also emphasize various existing load balancing algorithms, advantages& also we describe the PSO optimization technique.

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