Visual Cryptography-Based Secure QR Payment System Design and Implementation

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Mysore Venkata Siva Sandeep
Sanskruti Dube
Hamsitha Challagundla
Pulaparthi Nikhilesh Chand


It is important to validate the Merchant and the Client to increase confidence in online transactions. At present, only the Client is checked against the merchant server. The research in this paper will show you how to create and launch a QR code-based payment system that is both secure and convenient for users. As a result of their capacity to facilitate instantaneous transactions and offer unparalleled ease of use, QR codes have seen explosive growth in the past few years. QR-based online payment systems are easy to use but susceptible to various assaults. So, for the level of security given by transaction processing to hold, the secrecy and integrity of each payment procedure must be guaranteed. In addition, the online payment system must verify each transaction from both the sender's and the recipient's perspectives. The study's QR-based method is kept safe through visual cryptography. The suggested approach takes advantage of visual cryptography via a web-based application.

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Sandeep, M. V. S. ., Dube, S. ., Challagundla, H. ., & Chand, P. N. . (2023). Visual Cryptography-Based Secure QR Payment System Design and Implementation. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 9(1), 40–46. Retrieved from


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