Multiple Authorities Access under Public Cloud Storage: Review

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Prof Roshani Talmale, Prof Rajesh babu, Bhagyashree D. Masatkar


Public cloud storage is a cloud storage model that provide services to individuals and organizations to store, edit and manage data. Public cloud storage service is also known as storage service, utility storage and online storage. Cloud storage has many advantages, there is still remain various challenges among which privacy and security of users data have major issues in public cloud storage. Attribute Based Encryption(ABE) is a cryptographic technique which provides data owner direct control over their data in public cloud storage. In the traditional ABE scheme involve only one authority to maintain attribute set which can bring a single-point bottleneck on security and performance. Now we use threshold multi-authority Cipher text-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption (CP-ABE) access control scheme, name TMACS. TMACS is Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System. In TMACS, multiple authority jointly manages the whole attribute set but no user has full control of any specific attribute. By combining threshold secret sharing (t,n) and multi-authority CP-ABE scheme, we developed efficient multi-authority access control system in public cloud storage.

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