Android Forensics and It�s Existing Vulnerabilities Penetration Testing Framework

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Praful Meshram, Chetan Janbandhu


Smartphones are also portable computers as they provide many services needed in our day to day lives such as texts, calls, camera, Bluetooth, GPS and various other applications. Due to the attractive features of android smartphones, it�s use is increasing tremendously. With the growing popularity of Android and it being one of the best players in mobile industry, knowing the best practices for its security becomes very crucial. Android is known as a platform that lends itself to hacking. Smartphones are prone to data leakage as they can easily exchange data over the Internet. Applications are made of four components namely Activity, Service, Broadcast receivers, and Content provider. This paper proposes the various threats and security risks Activity, Broadcast Receivers and Content Providers pose and how they can be responsible for sensitive data leakage without the user�s knowledge. It also states the various attacks and the prevention mechanism and focuses on the prevention mechanism known as YASSE. This paper also states various other methods and technologies that are implemented for cloud based security that not only enhances the safety of the devices, but also reduces the system load of the devices.

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