Web Traffic Perspective of State Universities of Haryana

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Abha Narwal, R. K. Chauhan


The performance of a website is indicated directly by the web traffic it engages. Web traffic is basically the amount of data sent and received by visitors of a website and is often measured in terms of several metrics. These can be number of visitors, unique or repeated; pages per visit, duration of the visit and bounce rate etc. Visualization of this data helps in anticipating the facts like presentation of the website from end users� perspective, where the significant amount of traffic is coming from, what areas the website needs to draw users� attention from; and hence, steps for the improvement can be thought of. A range of web analytic tools are present globally to facilitate the collection and evaluation of website visitor data. In this paper, a comparative study of the web traffic of seven state universities of Haryana has been presented in analytical form using an online web analytic tool.

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