A Logarithmic and Exponentiation Based IP Traceback Scheme with Zero Logging and Storage Overhead

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Dr. S. Malliga, Dr. C. S. Kanimozhiselvi


IP spoofing is sending Internet Protocol (IP) packets with a forged source IP address to conceal the identity of the sender. A Denial-of-Service attack is an attempt to make a machine unavailable to the intended users. This attack employs IP Spoofing to flood the victim with overwhelming traffic, thus bringing it down. To prevent such attacks, it is essential to find out the real source of these attacks. IP Traceback is a technique for reliably determining the true origin of a packet. To traceback, a marking and a traceback algorithm are proposed here which use logarithmic and exponentiation respectively. The time required for marking and traceback has been evaluated and compared with state-of-art techniques. The percentage of increase in marking information is found to be very less in the proposed system. It is also demonstrated that the proposed system does not require logging at any of the intermediate routers thus leading to zero logging and storage overhead. The system also provides 100% traceback accuracy.

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