Optimistic Peculiarity in Karnad’s Hayavadana and Tughlaq

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R. Arun
Dr. R. Visalakshi


This paper deals with the life of Indian sovereign Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq and Hayavandana is memorablecure of the theme of search for sucegical tale, celebrates sensuality from woman’s point of view.It is a persona totally separated from the society. While he is sacred by heart but his ideas are far above the reach and conception of the common people. All religions are significant contribute by him but both religions doesn’t able to understand obviously minded and tolerance of Tughlag and all his well thinking for public is beyond the non – comprehension of the people and so both Hindus and Muslims burst into violence and cruelty for the completion of his optimistic plans. Most important reason for this enchantment is the advantage of theatrical devices. In the play religion is presented with many symbols like chess, prayer, python, sleep, vulture, rose, and tree.His plays open up new vista to look at the glorious heritage of myths, legends and all such precious pearls that India possessed.

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