The House Wife Syndrome Manju Kapur in Home

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K. Karunya
Dr. R. Visalakshi


Manju Kapur is feminist who has very different style from her current authors towards feminism and the variance lies in her action of feminism which makes her characters outstanding from the other authors. As far as her novel Home is afraid, it is absolutely a specific example of her contemporaryrational which is acutelyfixed with values. Nisha is the central character of this novel. She is the single girl child in her family. Home is regarded as a place where every family member sense secure but Nisha is sensual exploited and misuse by her individual companion Vicky within the four walls of home. Then she has been sent away from her home instead of Vicky just for the sake of family honour. However she does so well in her studies while staying away from the home but she has to come back there after some years and her studies smart a lot and no one cares about it. In her patriarchal family, the sole purpose of a girl’s life is to get married and that is why a girl is supposed to acquire all the qualities which are necessary to become a good wife. Her own self has no existence in her home. But she makes her own identity by her efforts. ManjuKapur has depicted the struggle of her journey in this novel.

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