Secure Data Retrieval using CP-ABE Scheme in Military networks

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E. Babu Rao
R. Kranthi Kumar


The absolute most difficult issues in this situation are the implementation of authorization policies and the policies refresh for secure information recovery. Cipher text-policy attribute-based encryption is a promising cryptographic answer for the entrance control issues. However, the issue of applying CP-ABE in decentralized DTNs presents a few securities and protection challenges as to the attribute revocation, key escrow, and coordination of attributes issued from various experts. In this paper, we propose a secure information recovery conspire utilizing CP-ABE for decentralized DTNs where numerous key specialists deal with their attributes independently. We show how to apply the proposed instrument to securely and effectively deal with the confidential information dispersed in the disruption-tolerant military network. Versatile hubs in military conditions, for example, a war zone or a threatening locale are probably going to experience the ill effects of irregular network availability and continuous parcels. Disruption-tolerant network advances are getting to be effective arrangements that permit remote gadgets conveyed by warriors to speak with one another and get to the confidential data or direction reliably by misusing outer capacity hubs.

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