Design of a PI Controller for Negative Output 1 & 3 -lift Main Series Switched Capacitor Push Pull Luo Converter

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R. Ranjith Kumar
Dr. Manjunath Ramachandra
S. Saranya


Classic converters like DC-DC converters are having the passive components such as switches, diodes, capacitors and inductors that are combined. By this size of the converter will be large and power density will be low. Power density of the converter can be increased by micro power consumption technique. Voltage-lift technique is the best technique to design circuits in electronics. For more power density, compact size and gain switched capacitors can be used and incorporated into the IC having lesser EMI. This work provide the performance evaluation of PI controller for Negative output push-pull switched capacitor DC-DC 1 lift and 3 lift Luo converter and also performance evaluation of chosen converter with PI controller. Mat lab and Simulink based simulation is carried out under line and load disturbances for performance evaluation.

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