Slotted Microstripline Antenna for ISM Band at 2.45GHz for Wireless Applications

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Mrs. Mahadik Shamala Rajaram
Dr. Uttam Laxman Bombale


In this paper, a slotted microstripline antenna is proposed for Industrial Scientific Medical band at 2.45GHz. This antenna design consists of different slots for radiation. TheFR4 substrate is used to design slotted antenna having relative permittivity is 4.4. The antenna is constructed on substrate height is 1.6mm, with small size of patch is 48.5mmx24mm. It operates in the ISM band operations have VSWR less than 2 and return loss less than -10 dB. The antenna parameters are simulated by ZELAND IE3D15.30 software. The results show radiation pattern and radiation gain are satisfy. The measured results of the proposed antenna can be applied to WLAN, RFID, GPS applications. As well as for biomedical and home automation connected appliances.

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