Calculation of Response Characteristics of Various Hydrocarbon Gas Sensors

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Junhee Lee
Hyeri Jang
G. T. Park
Sangho Shin
Daehwan Kwon
Inkyum Kim


Technologies for detecting leaks of gases and measuring gaseous concentrations have been widely developed with every sensor type. To manufacture excellent gas leak detector, an excellent gas sensors are necessary parts. In this research, the design of a system to simultaneously measure performances of five gas sensors is introduced. That system need the components of measuring appliances, sensing circuits, control firmware, and PC software to be operated. Also the performances to test gas sensors need response characteristics, accuracy, and repeatability according to output signals for injecting gas amounts into gas sensors. The firmware is implemented to operate sensors and to acquire output data against for input of sensors in real time. Acquired data were stored in the text file according to every sensor during a pre-set measurement interval. Software is coded to draw graphs of the voltage values measured by each sensor in real time. Using proposed a testing system we showed how to test response characteristics and induce better calibration equations of five sensors. This paper compared experimental data of five sensors and verified which gas sensor is the best.

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