Analysis on Response Characteristics of Semiconductor Methane Gas Sensor by Ultrasonic Process

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Daehwan Kwon
G. T. Park
Sangho Shin
Inkyum Kim


The thin films of Pt and Zn were coated with on the electrode in the board. Thin films of Pt are fabricated by ion plasma and Zn is manufactured by DC sputtering methods. Then the deposited boards were produced by ultrasonic chemical deposition in 0.01M aqueous solution of C6H12N4 and Zn(NO3)2?6H2O. To make the Zinc oxide, prepared-substrates were annealed at 600? for 1h and analysis on response characteristics of ZnO-structured sensors are tested for Methane gas. In the experiments, the concentration of Methane gas was used from 15% to 40% LEL. We measured the change of the voltage before and after the Methane gas injections, it was judged whether it had a suitable performance as the Methane gas sensors. As a result of the sensitivity of the fabricated sensor, it was confirmed that the voltage increases according to the Methane concentration. The sensitivity of the sensor was constantly increase so the graph showed a linear shape. Also, the fabricated sensors showed a very short stabilization time, fast reaction and recovery. As a result, the using possibility of the detector is suggested in the industrial facilities.

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