Analysis of Digital Watermarking Techniques Using Transform-Based Function

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Parmalik Kumar, Dr. A. K. Sharma


Security and protection of digital data is always a challenging job over the internet. For the protection and copyright of digital multimedia data used digital watermarking techniques. The digital watermarking techniques protect the copyright protection of digital multimedia data. Digital watermarking techniques used to transform based function for the processing of watermark embedding. The transform-based function is a texture feature dominated property. The texture feature is the most important part of the digital image. In this paper study and analysis of transform-based digital image watermarking. The transform-based digital image watermarking using the function of DCT, DWT, IWT and SHIFT. In the family of transform, the function used the layered transform function is wavelet transform function, and other is the shift key point transform function. For simulation used MATLAB software and used standard image dataset and symbol for the process of embedding. For the validation of transform function estimate, four well know parameter such as encoding time, decoding time, PSNR, and the value of NC.

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