Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Solar Power Plant Performance Assessment Under Variable Parametr Condition

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Deepak Sharma, Jagdeep Kumar


The performance and economy of a solar photovoltaic system depends on location and geographic parameters. Predicting energy efficiency is important for effective planning and evaluation rates. The proposed study explores the performance evaluation of three interconnected geographically connected photovoltaic solar systems. In Jaipur, Kolkata and Chennai have been testing a 1 MW solar PV system for a year. Simulations were performed using PV Syst (a software tool developed by the University of Geneva) and hourly weather data was obtained from NASA and METEONORM. The loss map for energy production and calculations shows the significant impact of geography on the performance and economics of solar PV systems. The monthly performance of the system indicates the impact of changes in weather parameters on radiation and ambient temperature performance and energy system performance. In order to optimize system performance, the annual power generation per unit of electricity at different locations was compared and discussed.

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