A Research Paper on Critical Analysis of Parents - Teachers Psychology and its Importance in Enhancing the Performance of Students Community

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Dr. Naveen Kumar Vishnoi, Dr. Neeru Rathore


It is an established fact that a strong psychological rapport between parents and teachers always bring out the best of output from the learners. Solid home cares- teachers’ psychology helps in exploring every particular qualitative talent in a sole particular student and subsequently he or she is able to perform up to the best of the abilities present. The parents must always be part of the school’s academic planning. Teachers if on a periodical basis message about the students to their parents will help the parents at home to find out the possible solutions to the problems which their wards are facing in any particular subject or any other psychological stigmas staring to jeopardize their performance. It is the duty of parents and teachers that they should create an environment so children can feel confident and secure. Building confidence in children is not an easy task. In this study we focus on the investigation additionally centers around parental tendency towards the appealing, friendly or skilled kid which makes desire conduct in youngsters. As per Jersild aggressive frame of mind of guardians for example contrasting the tyke's exhibition and another, is in charge of creating greedy frame of mind in youngsters.

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