Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Control System to Enhance Stability of a Grid Connected Wind Farm: A Review

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Naresh Malik, Tajender Malik


Power systems are the most complicated systems and have tremendous importance in modern life. They have direct impacts on the modernization, economic, political and various social aspects. Major blackouts and failures of power system depicts that voltage instability problem has been one of the main reasons of these disturbances and networks collapse. In recent years, fabulous and huge improvements have been achieved because of electric energy generation by utilization of wind energy. However, these achievements are accompanied by several issues for example grid stability and security. The transient stability issues of the grid connected wind farms have increased especially in case of severe disturbances and contingences. Static analysis is used to analyze the voltage stability of the system under study, while the dynamic analysis is used to evaluate the performance of compensators. The static techniques used are Power Flow, V–P curve analysis, and Q–V modal analysis. In this study, Flexible Alternating Current Transmission system (FACTS) devices- namely, Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOMs) and Static Var Compensators (SVCs) - are used as reactive power compensators. There are diverse techniques to compensate reactive power which are generated by circuits.

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