A Review on Encryption and Decryption of Image using Canonical Transforms & Scrambling Technique

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Jagdish Chandra Arya, Dr. Rahul Shrivastava, Dr.Chhavi Saxena, Vivek Upadhyay


Data security is a prime objective of various researchers & organizations. Because we have to send the data from one end to another end so it is very much important for the sender that the information will reach to the authorized receiver & with minimum loss in the original data. Data security is required in various fields like banking, defence, medical etc. So our objective here is that how to secure the data. So for this purpose we have to use encryption schemes. Encryption is basically used to secure the data or information which we have to transmit or to store. Various methods for the encryption are provided by various researchers. Some of the methods are based on the random keys & some are based on the scrambling scheme. Chaotic map, logistic map, Fourier transform & Fractional Fourier transform etc. are widely used for the encryption process. Now day’s image encryption method is very popular for the encryption scheme. The information is encrypted in the form of image. The encryption is done in a format so no one can read that image. Only the person who are authenticated or have authentication keys can only read that data or information. So this work is based on the same fundamental concept. Here we use Linear Canonical Transform for the encryption process.

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