An Experimental Approach for Encryption and Decryption of Image using Canonical Transforms & Scrambling Technique

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Jagdish Chandra Arya, Dr. Rahul Shrivastava, Dr.Chhavi Saxena, Vivek Upadhyay


Data security is a prime objective of various researchers & organizations. Because we have to send the data from one end to another end so it is very much important for the sender that the information will reach to the authorized receiver & with minimum loss in the original data. Data security is required in various fields like banking, defense, medical etc. So our objective here is that how to secure the data. This study is performed on MATLAB R2016b with standard databasegrey scale images like Barbara, Cameraman and Lenna or by using the personalize images in standard format. First of all, the images are scrambled and then the generation of a new complex image took place. Initially phase mask is applied on the complex image by using RPM 1, and then the complex image is encrypted by using LCT of first order. Again the phase mask RPM 2 is applied on the encrypted image followed by the LCT of second order to get the encrypted image finally. Reverse process is applied to get the original image. Various parameters are calculated which shows various aspects. Like Change in the value of MSE with change in order of transform tells the quality of encrypted image. Correlation coefficient of encrypted and decrypted image also shows the difference between the encrypted and decrypted image. The original image is then reconstructed and histogram of all these images analyzed. Robustness and imperceptibility of images increases by the proposed method.

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