Performance Analysis of Flattened Dispersion on Silica based PCF of Hybrid Hexagonal Lattice

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Rakesh Kumar, Pragya Sharma


The technology of optical fibers has improved dramatically in recent decades. While the basic principle of guiding light, total-internal reflection, has been known for a long time, the ability to manufacture materials such as silica into very pure, very small, and very long strands has only recently emerged. Researcher across the world is starting to investigate a new kind of optical guidance. In this work, I focused on understanding and analyzing the model behavior of micro-structured fiber. Micro-structured fibers are fibers with a complex dielectric topology, and offer a number of novel possibilities, compared to standard optical fiber. It has been reported that PCF can realize endlessly single-mode guiding, controllable nonlinearity, flexible chromatic dispersion over a wide wavelength range, large effective area and highly birefringence. Generally, PCFs can be classified into two different types by their light-guiding mechanism.

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