Performance Comparison of Static CMOS and Domino Logic Style in VLSI Design: A Review

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Dr. S. M. Ramesh, Dr. M. Jagdissh Chandra Prasad, Dr. T. V. P. Sundararajan, Dr. P. Senthilkumar


Of late, there is a steep rise in the usage of handheld gadgets and high speed applications. VLSI designers often choose static CMOS logic style for low power applications. This logic style provides low power dissipation and is free from signal noise integrity issues. However, designs based on this logic style often are slow and cannot be used in high performance circuits. On the other hand designs based on Domino logic style yield high performance and occupy less area. Yet, they have more power dissipation compared to their static CMOS counterparts. As a practice, designers during circuit synthesis, mix more than one logic style judiciously to obtain the advantages of each logic style. Carefully designing a mixed static Domino CMOS circuit can tap the advantages of both static and Domino logic styles overcoming their own short comings.

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