Secured E Voting via Smart Phone App

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Jeba Taslim Hidayat Baig, Prof. Rajesh Babu, Prof. J. Adhikari


In every country voting is very much important for electing the government. Various voting systems are applied for electing the representative but all these systems are not up to the point as concern to the security, privacy, time consumption. Most of the person who are eligible but unable to go for voting due to higher education or any personal problem and some of them are NRI�s because of this voting count decreases .This all are nothing but drawback of existing system but still this systems are in work .The proposed system �Secure E voting via smart phone� overcome all this drawback. This system makes the use of smart phone for voting purpose and ruins the paper work, solve security and time consuming problem and increase the voting count and also view the result in voting day.

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