A Comparative Study on Brain Tumour Detection Methods Using Image Segmentation

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T. Venkat Narayana Rao
Haritha Katukam
Deepika Pasupuneti


Now a day’s image processing is the most challenging and important field. This paper focus on information and methodology to detect, spot and extract tumour from the human brain MRI and CT scan images. Brain tumour detection has some pre-processing steps like grayscale conversion, resizing and noise removal functions, segmentation and morphological operations. To detect and extract the tumour from the brain MRI and CT scan images MATLAB software has been used. The main goal of this paper is to spot the tumour from various brain MRI and CT scan images. This paper tends to find out the best techniques or algorithms for detecting and extraction of brain tumour comparing various image segmentation methods with a intension to attain high accuracy with less complexity.

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