A Study of Adjustment of Guest Faculty Teachers in Government Schools of Sirsa District

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Dr. Parveen Sharma, Mr. Deepak Mathil


This concept of adjustment was originally a biological one and was used in Darwin�s theory of evolution. It means being in harmony with the environment or being or one with the environment adjustment means adaptation to reality. Adjustment in simple words can be defined as satisfactory relations of an organism to its environment. Adjustment was regarded as little more than the avoidance of maladjustment but then became a goal for therapy with the emergence of the humanistic approaches to psychotherapy. Adjustment refers to the individual achieving a harmonious balance with the demands of both environment and cognition, According to Encyclopedia of psychology- Adjustment is state in which the needs of the individual on the other hand are fully satisfied. Adjustment is generally the relationship that any organism establishes with respect to its environment. The term usually refers to social or psychological adjustment and when used in this sense it carries clear connotation that is adjusted. The implication is that the individual is in a rich, ongoing process of developing, his or her potential, reaction to and I turn changing the environment in a healthy, effective manner. Mekinney (1949) says a well adjusted individual can meet his needs with the resources available in his environment. Needs are specially determined by the cultural milieu in which one lives. In evaluation the adjustment we must consider all the movies, all the habit.

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