A Comparative Study of Academic Achievement in Physics of 11th Students

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Dr. Parveen Sharma, Mr. Deepak Mathil


In the modern scientific and technical world, education plays a vital role. The educational advancement of a country shows its pace of development. Overall development of a country lies in its optimum use of human resources. Education is the greatest source of social regeneration and revitalization. Education shapes an individual from beginning to end. Education does not merely impart literary ability; it also disciplined behaviours. Education thus is the process of developing the inner abilities Alio Ann denotes the victory of knowledge achiever. Achievement is the proficiency of the student assessed by his performance in the academic subjects. There are many factors that contribute to the academic achievement. Basically these factors include personality, intelligence, study habits, home environment and interest and school factors. In education effective learning not only depends upon good teaching but it is also responsibility or pupils. Generally speaking achievement implies the net result of an individual's effort over a period of time. It shows the level of proficiency attained in scholastic or academic work. Achievement is an enduring personality characteristic in which the individual is predisposed towards success and relatively concerned with failure. Achievement tests generally measure the present proficiency, mastery and understanding of general and specific areas of knowledge, largely, they are measures of instruction and learning. They are used to evaluate teacher�s effectiveness, method of teaching, the school standards and in making surveys of pupils performance. Thus, it enables us to know the progress of pupils in specific area of works or the whole performance in learning process of subjects for a particular period of time.

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